My name is Meaghan, nice to meet ya! Welcome to the inner-workings of my mind.

I’m a 5th generation Texan, born and raised in Dallas. Like every other Texan, I’m damn proud to be one. I’m currently a student at Aarhus University in Denmark, but back in the states I call University of Arkansas home. Originally a broadcast journalism major, I found that I write for my own pleasure and really hate writing about the news. So, I switched to marketing/advertising pretty quickly and let’s just say it’s my glass slipper.

This blog is my life and my thoughts served up on a silver platter, probably with some grammatical errors, for you to laugh at, relate to, roll your eyes at, whatever you want, really.

I hope you enjoy my adventures (mis- and otherwise), advice, tips and general thoughts about life.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay classy, wherever you are.


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